Let’s grow together

Aurélien Hamion

Care manager - Clinique La Métairie

« I was hired by Clinique La Métairie as a nurse in February 2012, a few months after passing my diploma. Two years later, with the support of the care manager, I obtained by Certificate of Advanced Studies and became a nursing instructor. Along with my colleague, we developed partnerships to welcome students for internships at the clinic and extend the range of courses we provide with universities in Vaud and Geneva. As the clinic’s representatives for these schools, we were proud of the trust placed in us.

In 2017 I applied for a new position as head nurse at the care unit. Management approved my application and in 2019 I passed a Certificate of Advanced Studies as a front-line manager.

I was appointed to my current role as care manager in 2019. I have always enjoyed the support, trust and encouragement of management at every level and have been able to continue my professional development, including through training. I now hold Certificates of Advanced Studies as a nursing instructor, a front-line manager and, most recently, in clinical psychiatry. Whatever my projects, whatever difficulties I’ve met, there has always been an open line of communication with management. »

Sarah Bougrine

Assistant General Manager - Clinique du Grand-Salève

“Speech therapist graduated in 2013, I started my career at Clinéa in a clinic welcoming patients with neurological disorders. This choice of exercise came naturally to me, because I will not be able to see the patient other than as a whole, and not as a pathology to be treated. Thus, the contributions of the multi-professional team, the coordination of the care path, the development of the life plan taking into account the whole of the individual, in his strengths, his weaknesses, his desires, and his potentials. , allowed me to practice my profession while respecting the “cure and care” which is so dear to me.

This taste for the coordination of professionals around the same objective made me become responsible for the medico-therapeutic service in 2017. I supervise a service of 26 rehabilitation professionals, and acquire by their side an organizational sense and a necessary rigor. to the good care of the patient, in the respect of the rules of the art, of the dignity of the person, and of the respect of his rights.

It is to improve myself in this sense that in 2018 I am starting a Masters in health law – management and management of health, social, and medico-social establishments.

I joined the Grand-Salève clinic in May 2021 as an executive assistant, with the desire to use my know-how and my interpersonal skills for the benefit of broader missions. Since November 2021, I’m the Assistant General Manager of the Grand-Salève clinic.”