Our Services

Comitted to your care

In addition to the medical care we provide, our teams ensure that our values remain uppermost at all times:

  • Respect for the patient’s well-being and rights is at the heart of everything we do
  • Each patient is an individual and treated as such
  • Family and loved ones are made welcome
  • Dedicated and qualified staff
  • Care is given in consultation with the patient’s psychiatrist or GP

Hotel quality

Because the patient’s well-being is an integral part of every convalescence, Clinique du Grand-Salève is dedicated to providing a high level of residential services. All rooms (single or double) benefit from a private shower room and are beautifully appointed to hotel standards. Room design and furnishings are ergonomic to facilitate treatment and ensure perfect hygiene.

Take a virtual tour of our private and double rooms in the image on the left.


Meals are prepared in the clinic’s own kitchen from fresh and seasonal produce, in accordance with medical instructions. Our dietitian supervises menus to ensure they are nutritionally balanced and compliant with special dietary requirements.


Clinique du Grand-Salève was awarded ISO 9001 certification in January 2020. This reflects the clinic’s high standard of service, as well as the constant dedication of management and medical personnel to providing excellence at every level.

At the heart of the village

Clinique du Grand-Salève is a private clinic that treats patients in psychiatry and rehabilitation. One floor is reserved for psychiatric care. There are also two functional rehabilitation and aftercare units. The clinic’s location in the quiet village of Veyrier contributes to quality care and successful recovery.