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Clinique du Grand-Salève: from delivery to the plate

At the Clinique du Grand-Salève, we attach particular importance to the presentation of our dishes, because as we like to say, “we eat first with our eyes”.

But there are many steps to take before we can actually taste our food.

From our work with local producers, to the cooking of ingredients, to the traceability and presentation of our dishes, our chef Benjamin Desestret tells you about a typical day in the kitchen.

Balneotherapy in psychiatry

At our Grand-Salève clinic, group balneotherapy sessions are offered to patients admitted for psychiatric treatment. Different approaches such as aquagym, aquarelaxation or aquabiking can be offered by our sports instructors, in order to support patients in their psychological as well as physical recovery.

Lucas Ferraina, sports instructor at the Clinique du Grand-Salève, tells us more on video.

For all information on our psychiatric care, we are at your disposal on +41 22 570 50 50 (Clinique du Grand-Salève)

Nordic walking, benefits for the body and mind

At the Clinique du Grand-Salève, our sports teachers offer various therapeutic and sporting activities to patients hospitalised in psychiatry, including Nordic walking.

These outings, which last between 30 and 60 minutes, take place three times a week in different parts of the Commune of Veyrier and allow patients not only to get out of our establishment to breathe the fresh air, but also to create links between themselves, to exchange with the therapist and, of course, to work on their aerobic fitness.

Lucas Ferraina, sports instructor at the clinic, presents this activity.

Therapeutic listening to the patient in psychiatry

In psychiatry as elsewhere, the role of nurses is essential for the proper functioning of our establishments and the rehabilitation of our patients.

First contact persons, they are an attentive ear and a point of reference for our psychiatric patients. From the reception to the validation of the suffering through therapeutic education, bonds of trust are forged and allow effective work over the duration of the stay.

Céline, nurse at the Grand-Salève clinic (Veyrier, GE), explains to us the different aspects of her job as well as the qualities necessary to exercise it.

For all information on our psychiatric care, we are at your disposal on +41 22 570 50 50 (Clinique du Grand-Salève)

Housekeeping: continuous improvement thanks to lean management

Since June 2020, the housekeeping service at the Grand-Salève clinic has been practicing lean management on a daily basis. This managerial philosophy, which advocates lean and waste-free management, requires the involvement of employees in order to improve the performance and processes of the clinic.

Continuous improvement, active participation of housekeeping staff, implementation of creative solutions: our housekeeper Albina Platon takes stock of this practice one year after its adoption at Grand-Salève.

Social service in psychiatry: its missions and scope

Within the psychiatric services of our clinics in Grand-Salève and La Métairie, the social worker advises, directs and supports patients in their social and financial difficulties.

Upon admission of the patient, a social assessment is carried out during the first meeting. Depending on the needs and respecting the autonomy of each individual, personalized support in collaboration with the care teams, the network and relatives, is provided throughout the stay.

Lorella Padula, social worker in our establishments, explains in more detail her role, missions and field of action with regard to psychiatry.

For any information on our social service, we are at your disposal by phone: on +41 22 363 20 20 (Clinique La Métairie) on +41 22 570 50 50 (Clinique du Grand-Salève)

In the kitchen of the Grand-Salève clinic

At the Grand-Salève clinic, our kitchen team attaches great importance to working with fresh products. With its modern dressings or homemade desserts, the cuisine of Grand-Salève is entirely geared towards the satisfaction of our patients.

Chef Benjamin Desestret introduces you to his brigade and talks to you about what drives them on a daily basis.

The Grand-Salève clinic: an eco-responsible clinic

A high energy performance building benefiting from reinforced thermal insulation, the Grand-Salève clinic aims to be eco-responsible in many ways.

The heating of the clinic, like that of the school or sports establishments in Veyrier, comes, for example, from a wood boiler located in the municipality and supplied with wood chips from forests located in the municipality. Thanks to this district heating (CAD), the municipality of Veyrier reduces its CO2 emissions by more than 700 tonnes per year.

Guillaume Haudecoeur, maintenance agent, tells you more about the eco-responsible practices of our clinic.